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Read Our Latest Quality Report Online

April 19, 2019
InnovAge is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of care for every senior we serve through the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).
As part of this commitment, InnovAge sets goals to improve quality every year, monitors progress, and shares results in Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) reports on our website.
The January 2019 QAPI report is now available online. Read about our strategy to improve care for PACE participants, and explore data on vaccination rates, medication management, transportation, and participant and caregiver satisfaction.*
“We share these reports because transparency is important to us,” says Regional Director of Quality Dana Erwin. “As we monitor progress, we use this data to highlight key measurements and initiatives, and encourage open communication with participants and staff.”
You can learn more about key initiatives to improve quality in our latest QAPI report, including:
  • Reducing falls for seniors by investigating fall risk, reviewing medications, and improving physical fitness to prevent falls in the future. 
  • Satisfaction surveys distributed to participants and caregivers, focusing on six main areas: care access, care coordination, caregiver support, self-management support, and satisfaction with services.
  • Medication management education with information about the medication delivery process, medication packaging, home medication destruction, and more.
  • Infection tracking and reporting to improve clinical outreach efforts and reduce infections, including pneumonia, influenza, norovirus, and others. 

As InnovAge continues to grow, we’ve also expanded our quality and health data department to meet each of our centers’ unique needs from coast to coast. The quality team collaborates closely with regional medical officers, using analytics to inform care decisions and improve PACE participants’ health.
“2019 ushers in a new era for quality at InnovAge,” says Regional Medical Officer Dr. Lynn Strange. “We will continue using data to identify any issues and better serve our participants with new projects that will improve the level of care in every PACE center.”
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