Focusing on Organizational Values

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Focusing on Organizational Values

Maureen Hewitt
April 23, 2018
Many people who work in healthcare want to help others because of their altruistic nature. InnovAge employees are no different. Our 1,300 employees are quite diverse, both in demographics and in skill set, but they all embody what we hold up as values across the company:
Safety: Being proactive to optimize the security and well-being of ourselves and others.
Accountability: Taking ownership of our actions and words. We will do what we say we will do.
Caring: Considering others and showing compassion to all. Treating everyone the way you would want to be treated, and the way they want to be treated.
Integrity: Being truthful and honest in our words, actions, and dealings with our customers and each other.
Quality: Striving for excellence and exceeding expectations.
These are principles we aim to practice every day at InnovAge. Doing so makes sure that the seniors we serve, their families, and our colleagues feel respected and heard.
Our focus on serving others is important. How we treat those around us shapes our company culture and environment of care, which ultimately creates an environment where all of us can succeed.
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