Innovative Office Design at InnovAge HQ

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Multi-level View Of InnovAge Headquarters
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Innovative Office Design at InnovAge HQ

July 27, 2018
InnovAge’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado was designed with employees in mind. Read on to learn more about the corporate office design and how it affects our company culture.

Focus on health and sustainability
The goal was simple: design an office space that is not only functional, but also reflects employees’ needs and the organization’s values.

“We’re focused on providing the best possible environment for our seniors at local PACE centers, and we wanted to do the same for our employees at the headquarters, too,” said InnovAge President and CEO Maureen Hewitt.

The building has a LEED Platinum designation – the highest attainable rating for sustainability. It has solar panels and low-flow plumbing, as well as features to support healthy living like edible gardens, a treadmill, and shower/locker facilities for employees who commute by bike or exercise during the day. Additionally, all office spaces have ample natural lighting, and many windows can be opened for employees wanting fresh air during the day.

A space that works for employees
InnovAge’s corporate office has a mobile workspace design that features multiple social hubs and no assigned desks. Called “hoteling,” this system gives employees the freedom to move around, collaborate, focus independently, or work remotely as needed.

“The hoteling system works for me and my team,” says InnovAge employee Shambhavi Srivastava. “I’m able to move around the building to stay focused, or sit with my coworkers in a collaborative area when we need to work together and ask questions.”

It’s important for individual workers to feel connected to the larger organization so they understand how their unique role fits into the company’s overarching mission.

“Not having set desks allows us to interact with employees in other departments and experience different areas around the building we wouldn’t normally be exposed to,” Srivastava continued. “It keeps us from becoming too siloed in our own departments.”

Take a virtual tour
Check out these photos of the InnovAge headquarters to see the many ways our employees take advantage of their workspace.

Large windows and open layout allow plenty of natural light for a healthy work environment.

Hoteling stations encourage employees to move around, collaborate, or focus alone as needed.

Edible gardens in common areas are available for employees to take home fresh herbs and vegetables.

Coworkers gather around the fireplace to meet, work, or share meals.
InnovAge Staff Group Photo

Focusing on Organizational Values

These are principles we aim to practice every day at InnovAge. Doing so makes sure that the seniors we serve, their families, and our colleagues feel respected and heard.

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