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February 2018 Posts

Meet Betsy, Luis, and Joe from InnovAge PACE

February 28, 2018InnovAge

Recently, you may have seen some of InnovAge’s new ads around town featuring Betsy, Luis, and Joe.* But what yo...

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Behind the Wheel with InnovAge Drivers

February 22, 2018InnovAge

Transportation is an essential part of helping people age independently and at home. Read on to find out what it t...

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Success Stories: Exercise for Older Adults

February 16, 2018InnovAge

Remaining active as we age can improve strength and independence in our day-to-day lives.
As the...

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Kindness Counts

February 14, 2018Maureen Hewitt

This month, InnovAge is encouraging employees to “catch a colleague in an act of kindness.”

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