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Recreation at InnovAge is More than Fun and Games

Recreation therapy at InnovAgeRecreation at InnovAge is about much more than just playing games. Read on to learn about some of the intentional ways our staff encourage fun for participants at PACE centers.

Planning activities for older adults
Social engagement is a key part of the interdisciplinary care that sets InnovAge PACE apart. Each center has a team of activity and recreation specialists who focus on developing and leading engaging activities for participants.
“We have a great staff here who motivate participants and assist those who need help,” says Hannah Sitze, activities assistant at the Roanoke Valley PACE center. “I ask participants for ideas and keep a notebook full of activity suggestions.”
Activities at PACE centers range from bingo and karaoke to interactive Wii games and group outings. Age-appropriate exercise classes are also common, including Zumba and restorative yoga.
Fun is good for your health
As we age, it’s important to connect with our community. Social interaction helps with older adults’ mental health – whether it’s in the form of group activities, social media, or spending time with a cuddly animal.

At InnovAge PACE centers, we work to create a sense of community among staff and participants through activities that engage the whole person: mind, body, and funny bone.

“The benefits are both behavioral and physical,” says Sitze. “When we play trivia, I’ve seen participants recall things they didn’t think they remembered. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

No matter their age or ability, participants are encouraged to be present, enjoy each other’s company, and get the most out of their PACE experience.

“Some people think ‘oh activities – you just have fun and play games,’” Sitze continued. “But they need to realize how important these therapeutic activities are for participants, and how much they get out of it.”

Everyone needs to realize how important these therapeutic activities are for participants, and how much they get out of it.
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