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March 2018 Posts

Eat Well to Feel Well as You Age

March 30, 2018InnovAge

Eating nutrient-rich food has a positive impact on your overall health. InnovAge PACE dietitian, Christine Barney, ex...

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Tips for Remembering to Take Medications

March 28, 2018InnovAge

It is extremely important to take all medication as prescribed. However, it can be easy to lose track when you’...

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Social Media Connects Older Adults

March 19, 2018InnovAge

While we know that social media is widely used among young adults, it’s true that older adults are also using <...

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Myth Busting: Seniors and Technology

March 13, 2018InnovAge

There are many common stereotypes in our society about seniors and technology. But many of our assumptions are not ba...

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