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Meet Betsy, Luis, and Joe from InnovAge PACE

Recently, you may have seen some of InnovAge’s new ads around town featuring Betsy, Luis, and Joe.* But what you may not know is that the characters in these ads actually portray the true stories of three InnovAge PACE participants.

Read on to learn about Betsy, Luis, and Joe.


Betsy is a participant at our PACE center in Aurora, Colo. She spent much of her life working as a caregiver, caring for her mother until the age of 88, as well as many of her other family members.

Before joining InnovAge PACE, Betsy was diagnosed with dementia and felt isolated. Today, Betsy loves to socialize and spends lots of time at the center making friends. Those closest to her at InnovAge describe her as insightful, warm, and caring, and are grateful for her company and emotional support.
InnovAge ad Betsy PACE participant


When he first arrived at our PACE center in Thornton, Colo., Luis needed support with diabetes and depression, so our coordinated healthcare team worked closely with Luis to improve his physical and mental well-being.

Since joining PACE, Luis is doing much better. He lives independently and drives himself to the center, thanks to therapies, a diet plan, and his new favorite hobby: woodworking.  
InnovAge ad Luis PACE participant


Joe is a bluegrass music fan and avid storyteller. These days, he also uses a wheelchair to help out with mobility issues. Since joining PACE at our center in Roanoke, Va., Joe has regained his independence with home improvements for safety and wheelchair access, medication assistance, and more. 

In his words, "I don’t know where I’d be without PACE. They’re the reason I’m still in my home and they give my son the support he needs to take care of me. We couldn’t do it without them."
InnovAge ad Joe PACE participant

InnovAge is proud to be a part of these participants’ stories. Explore all that the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) has to offer and take our self-assessment to learn more.

*The names of our participants have been changed to protect their privacy.
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