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Employee Profile: Meet a Care Advocate

Care advocates play a vital role in the InnovAge PACE model of care. Get to know InnovAge Care Advocate Cheryl Ryan to learn more about her work to improve the PACE experience for participants, caregivers, providers, and employees.

What does a care advocate do?
Cheryl is part of a care advocate team at InnovAge’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The Lowry team answers 600 calls each month. In addition to helping callers start the enrollment process, Cheryl and her colleagues connect providers to PACE centers, help job applicants get in touch with human resources, and more.

“We all believe in providing a great experience for each person,” says Cheryl. “We do our best to answer every single call and get them directed to the right place.”

Making a difference behind-the-phones
Cheryl also works with InnovAge’s clinical and coding teams to gain medical input on each participant – connecting with social workers and coordinating with local agencies to process physical re-certifications to participate in PACE. Ten years ago, Cheryl managed about 30 cases each month for three PACE centers. Now, she oversees up to 70 cases per month for five PACE centers in Colorado.

“The work Cheryl does touches almost every department within InnovAge,” says her supervisor Amy Kirschbaum. “Cheryl is extremely humble, but she plays an important role in what InnovAge does.”

The personal impact of PACE
Working at InnovAge can impact your life in unexpected ways. For Cheryl, her 10 years working with frail seniors and their caregivers has changed the way she approaches her own life.

“Working here has inspired me to think carefully about how I take care of myself,” she says. “It’s actually made me change my eating habits. There are some things that we can’t change — genetics, etc. — but there is a lot that we can control.”

InnovAge employees, like Cheryl, are passionate about the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and make this organization the best it can be. Learn more about InnovAge’s values and explore open positions to see if InnovAge may be a good fit for you and your career.

Interested in speaking to a care advocate yourself? Take this self-assessment to see if PACE is right for you or your loved one and have a senior care expert contact you directly.

We all believe in providing a great experience for each person.

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