PACE Care Team

InnovAge Virginia PACE - Blue Ridge

Sarah Wilkins, RN, MSN

Nurse Practitioner
PACE is a unique care model that supports overall wellness. It is all-inclusive, so I don’t have to worry if my patients can afford the medicines, tests or procedures they need. They can concentrate on more important things like their family, faith and health.
Sarah Wilkins is a geriatric nurse practitioner and earned her nursing degrees from Duke University. She is board certified as a Primary Care Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Sarah has special training and experience in multiple sclerosis, memory conditions, neurology and epilepsy. She enjoys working with people with dementia and exploring non-drug treatments for behavior problems. Sarah is married and has a young son. They also have a special family companion –a German shepherd mix. Sarah lived in North Carolina, California and Vermont before settling in Charlottesville. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, knitting, hiking, running and snowboarding.