PACE Care Team

InnovAge California PACE - Inland Empire

Seema Siraj, MD

Medical Director
Good medicine is about communication. I talk with my patients and listen to understand their perspective. I learn a lot from them.
Dr. Siraj is a physician with Long Term Care Medical Group, which provides California-licensed physicians and nurse practitioners to serve participants of InnovAge California PACE (ICAP). Dr. Siraj is board certified in family medicine and geriatric medicine. She earned her doctor of medicine from Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science in India. Dr. Siraj completed her residency in family practice and her geriatric fellowship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science. Prior to joining InnovAge, Dr. Siraj was a Chief Resident Hospice Medical director. She also served as a mentor to medical students. Dr. Siraj is married and has two children. She enjoys swimming, reading and traveling.