COVID-19 Update

InnovAge's top priority is always the well-being of our participants and our staff. 

Here, we will share updates and answer questions related to participants and their family caregivers. Content will be updated as needed.

Planning for Reopening
While InnovAge’s focus remains on providing care and support to participants at home, we are also looking at how we may be able to reopen PACE and LIFE centers as safely as possible. The company is working with an external consultant who has experience in pandemic planning. They have also worked with healthcare organizations and are familiar with the PACE | LIFE model. Our goal is to develop a reopening plan that reflects the needs of the unique and diverse communities we serve across the country.

Internally, InnovAge has established a Recovery Steering Committee to lead our reopening efforts, working closely with the consultant. The committee is partnering with different leaders within InnovAge to gather input as the reopening plan is developed.
InnovAge does not have firm dates for when we may reopen PACE or LIFE centers. Prior to any action being taken, we will reach out to participants and caregivers to get your input, answer your questions, and address your concerns. As we work toward reopening, our care teams continue to support your needs through this challenging time.

PACE | LIFE Centers Closed - Still Providing Care
InnovAge has closed its PACE | LIFE centers, but we are still providing care and services to participants based on individualized needs and priorities, including:

  • Telehealth services to connect with participants in their homes.
  • Nutrition, including food preparation and delivery
  • Medication administration and delivery
  • Showers and other personal care needs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Supervision
  • Wellness visits

For more information on how care is being provided, see our participant and caregiver FAQs.
Company-Wide Response
InnovAge has established a company-wide clinical team that continues to meet regularly to assess risk and review new information or guidance from the CDC or state/local health departments. InnovAge will adjust our response as needed. We are responding to COVID-19 similar to how we manage other infectious or communicable diseases. Our approach is consistent with our infection control policy and plan.

As an organization, InnovAge has solid plans and processes in place, and we are working closely with local, state, and federal health officials to do everything possible to ensure the safety and health of our participants and employees.
More Information
For more information, see our participant and caregiver FAQs.

  • PACE or LIFE participants and their caregivers: Please contact your local center director or clinic staff.
  • Media: Please contact InnovAge's communications department